During the COVID-19 pandemic, extra measures will be in place for your safety and that of the staff.
These measures may mean things will take a little longer. We thank you for your understanding.


Prior to your appointment

  • You can request appointment via contact form on this website

  • A digital medical questionnaire and consent form will be sent and you will need fill this out prior to the virtual consultation

  • Lauren will let you know if you require a virtual consultation prior to your in-person treatment appointment

Virtual consultation

  • Please send back medical questionnaire and consent form prior to this virtual consultation

  • Please be make-up free

  • Please have sufficient lighting for appropriate assessment

  • Please be on time

  • This will last 10-15 mins. Your treatment plan will be mapped out, risks will be explained, and questions answered

Day of treatment

  • A COVID-19 screening questionnaire will be sent out before treatment and needs to be returned by the morning of treatment. If there are concerns you may have COVID-19, you will not be treated that day and your treatment will be rescheduled when safe to do so.

  • Please be on time

  • Please attend alone

  • Please come without makeup

  • Please bring your own facemask to wear it over your nose a mouth on arrival

  • Please limit personal belongings that you bring to your appointment

  • On arrival, please use the hand-disinfectant provided

  • Please keep your face mask on at all times unless instructed to remove it.

  • Photos will be taken prior to treatment

  • Social distancing should be maintained throughout the appointment. The only exception to this will be during the physical provision of treatment.

  • Appointment times will be spaced out to limit the number of people on premises at any one time and to allow for clinical rooms to be cleaned between each patient

  • Post procedural care and emergency contact information will be sent out digitally

Cashless Payments

  • Only cashless payments will be accepted - card payments are accepted or a PayPal link can be sent

Post-treatment care

  • A virtual follow-up appointment will be arranged for between 10-21 days following treatment if appropriate

  • As with initial virtual consultation, please be make-up free, have sufficient lighting for appropriate assessment, and please be on time

  • This will last 5- 10 mins

  • An in-person appointment will be arrange if required.

  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days following treatment, please contact the clinic to let us know for contact tracing.