Skincare consultation Glasgow Dermatology


Consultations are conducted via Zoom and last 20-30 minutes.

Within three days of your virtual consultation, you will receive an email with a full report of your skin concerns and skincare or treatment recommendations made by Lauren. The aim is to provide you with education so you can feel empowered about your skin, as well as advice for skincare or possible future skin treatments with regards to cosmetic issues such as dull skin, ageing skin, pigmentation, and acne.

Lauren does not provide advice for chronic medical conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

For virtual consultations, there are limitations with the use of Zoom, but Lauren will do her best within the framework of a virtual consultation, and if a future face to face consultation is required she will advise this.

Once any treatment is started after the consultation, the rate of improvement of skin depends on age, skin type and condition, degree of sun/environmental damage, pigmentation levels, or acne condition. 

If you would prefer an in person skin consultation or treatment consultation, Lauren provides these at Advanced Dentistry, Hyndland.