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(Previously known as Profound Skin Treatment)

About Neofound treatment

Neofound is an aesthetic skin bio-stimulator treatment that has been proven to reduce fine to heavy wrinkling while also reducing hyperpigmentation, yellowing of the skin, redness and blotchiness – providing complete skin tone enhancement.

The procedure is quick and easy, and involves multiple superficial injections of a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and other bio-stimulants into the superficial layers of the skin, for anti-ageing, skin tightening, brightening, and glow-giving effects.

A course of treatment is recommended, and for even better results the Peppermint Peel can be applied immediately after, although either can be done as a stand alone treatment.

It can be used on the Face, Lips, Eye Area, Neck, Chest and Hands (basically anywhere you want to improve the skin!)

This procedure can be used to address large areas, or can be targeted more specifically to localised problem areas, such as specific lines and wrinkles, active acne lesions, acne scars, pigmentation, and skin redness.

What is in Neofound?

Profound contains multiple ingredients such as Reservatrol, Proline Arginine, Acetyl Hexapeptide, Niacinamide (VIT PP), Amino Acids, low and high weight Hyaluronic Acid, to specifically target skin health and youthful regeneration of the skins cells to provide lasting benefits.

Benefits of specific ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in our body.  Approximately 56% of the body’s HA is found in the skin. HA protects the structures underlying the skin and also has a lubricating function. HA also has the benefit of being water-binding and therefore hydrating the skin. As we get older, the level of HA decreases in our skin, resulting in less volume and wrinkle formation. HA can be injected into the skin to replenish our own natural supply and add volume to the treated area. As HA is water-binding, it helps to hydrate the area and has also been shown to temporarily increase the collagen production in the skin, adding to the skin-firming effect. The initial results are immediately visible, but the full effect of treatment occurs over 2-3 weeks.


This ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect and can decrease redness. It has also been shown to increase collagen production.


This is a fantastic brightening agent, designed to target areas of pigmentation.

Acetyl Hexapeptide:

This has a mild Botulinum Toxin effect. As it is not being injected directly into muscles, do not expect the same results as Botulinum Toxin treatment, but it can help relax the skin slightly, and is perfect for those not ready to have Botulinum Toxin treatment or who want to have a more pronounced treatment result alongside Botulinum Toxin treatment.


This has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect.


This also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect.

The combination of this incredible cocktail of ingredients along with the mesotherapy / microneedling effect of the procedure, creates the incredible results we see with this treatment.

What can Neofound be used for?

  • Anti-ageing

  • Smoothing existing fine and deep wrinkling.

  • Skin Cell Rejuvenation, stimulation of Collagen production resulting in skin tightening.

  • Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help with inflamed areas such as acne.

  • Reduces skin yellowing, hyperpigmentation, erythema and blotchiness, resulting in skin tone enhancement, and brightening.

  • Deeply hydrating skin,

  • Can be used on the Face, Eye areas, Lips, Neck, Chest and Hands.

  • Works perfectly as a stand alone treatment, but can also be used to enhance other aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle toxin treatments and/or dermal filler treatments.

  • Each individual can be treated specifically to their needs in desired and required areas.

Advised treatment protocol

It is advised that you have three sessions, two weeks apart to start your journey.

After this, top up sessions every 1-3 months are advised.

This protocol may be adjusted depending on the condition of your skin and what result you’re looking for.

This is an incredible treatment for ongoing skin improvement, or three sessions can be arranged prior to a big event, such as a wedding.

Side effects to treatment

Like all medicines, Neofound treatment can produce unwanted effects, but as the injections are very superficial this is overall a very safe procedure.

As expected for any injection procedure, pain/burning/stinging, swelling and/or bruising may be associated with the injection, but these should resolve within a few days. These reactions have been described as slight to moderate and they generally disappear on their own a little time after the injection.

Rare reactions to treatment include a 2% chance of localised allergic reactions after one or two injections, including swelling or hardness in the area of the injection, and these are sometimes extended to the surrounding tissue. The treatment may lead to inflammation, infection and more rarely, acneiform pimples. These reactions have been seen to occur a few days after injection or even after a few weeks and they have been described as light to moderate, self-limiting and lasting two weeks, on average. In rare cases, these reactions have continued for several months.

In extremely rare cases (less than one in 15,000 patients) there have been cases of permanent hardness, abscess formation, or a greyish colour in the site of the implant. These reactions can develop at a distance of weeks to months after the injections and may last for several months, but normally, they are resolved by time.

Contraindications to treatment

  • Patients with a known hypersensitivity to Hyaluronic Acid or to the other ingredients of the product, or who have multiple confirmed allergies.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Patients with autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Scleroderma.

Cautions to treatment

  • Patients who are prone to hypertrophic scarring.

  • Patients with infection at the proposed treatment site.

  • Patients on blood thinning medication (e.g. aspirin, warfarin).

  • Patients taking over-the-counter medication that can thin the blood or increase bruising (Omega-3, Vitamin E, Cod liver oil, Garlic, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba),

Advice prior to treatment

  • For seven days prior to treatment, avoid blood thinning over-the-counter medication such as aspirin, or ibuprofen-based medications, Omega-3, Vitamin E, Garlic, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba. If you are prescribed a blood thinning medication such as aspirin or an anticoagulant by your doctor for a cardiovascular condition, then please check with your doctor prior to stopping the medication.

  • For 24 hours prior to treatment, do not drink alcohol to avoid extra bruising.

  • On the day of treatment, arrive to the clinic with a clean face.

What to expect on the day

  • Lauren will go through what your aims are for treatment and will explain to you what is appropriate and achievable. A treatment plan will be agreed upon prior to treatment.

  • You will fill in a medical assessment questionnaire and complete a written consent form.

  • Pre treatment photographs will be taken for your medical records.

  • Any make-up will be removed from treatment area with a baby wipe.

  • The area will be cleaned again with skin cleaning solution.

  • Neofound treatment will be injected into the superficial layers of the skin. This usually involves a series of multiple small injections into the affected area. You may experience some stinging and tenderness during the injection, which some patients describe as feeling like a bee sting. Clients do not usually need numbing cream for this.

  • Post procedure cream will be applied to the treated area following treatment.

  • You will be given a post-treatment advice sheet.

  • Lauren will let you know if any follow-up is required.

What to expect after treatment

  • There may be small marks, bumps, and bruising immediately following the procedure but be reassured that these will disappear within a couple of hours to days.

  • You will begin to notice an improvement in your skin straight after your treatment. This improvement will continue over the coming weeks, especially if you follow the protocol of three treatment sessions two weeks apart. 


The following images are not the work of Dr Lauren Evans, but are case studies from Teleta Pharma.

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