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All in person treatments are bookable by calling the Hyndland Dental Clinic on 0141 339 7579.

A non-refundable deposit is taken on booking.

Deposits are deducted from your treatment price on the day of your treatment.

Virtual Skin consultations are bookable via the link below.

Virtual Skin Consultation

Lauren provides virtual skin consultations for a variety of cosmetic skin concerns.

Consultations are conducted via Zoom and last 20-30 minutes.

Within three days of your virtual consultation, you will receive an email with a full report of your skin concerns and recommendations made by Lauren.

The aim is to provide you with education so you can feel empowered about your skin, as well as advice for skincare or possible future skin treatments with regards to cosmetic issues such as dull skin, ageing skin, pigmentation, and acne.

Lauren does not provide advice for chronic medical conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Initial virtual skin assessment (20-30 mins)

   £60 (£10 will be taken off skincare or future skin treatment if booked within a week of consultation)

Further virtual skin follow up sessions (20 mins)


Introductory Consultation

All clients are required to have a consultation so that goals and expectations can be discussed and the procedure or treatment can be explained in detail together with any risks and benefits.

If you are having a new procedure you have not had before, or are new to aesthetic treatments, then you can ask for a separate consultation appointment, or you can have a longer appointment at the time of your treatment, so that you have time to ask questions, understand the risks, and don't feel rushed on the day.

If you are experienced in having aesthetic procedures, then this consultation can be done on the day of your procedure and is included in your procedure price.

Consultation (20-30 mins)

   £75 (This cost is taken off your treatment cost if treatment is booked within one calendar month)

Anti-wrinkle Injections (aka Botox)

Upper face 

One area                                                 


Two areas                                               


Three areas 


Other areas

Gummy smile                                          


Bunny lines                                             


Smoker’s lines                                        


Mouth depressors                                  




Platysmal bands of neck                        

   From £150

Excessive sweating



The above prices also include, where indicated, a review appointment and follow-up treatment at 2-4 weeks after initial the treatment, and include any further treatment you may require at the review.

Dermal Filler

Lip enhancement 

   0.7ml £220

   1ml £250

Cheek or jawline enhancement

   1.2ml £280

   2.4ml £480

Filler to lines and folds, eg nose to mouth lines, marionette lines

   1ml £250

   2ml £450

   3ml £650

Profound Skin Treatment



   If booking three sessions: £400

Add Peppermint Peel

   +£35 per session 

Chemical Peels

Peppermint Peel

Ideal for skin bio-stimulation and brightness.


   £45 per treatment.

   If booking 3 sessions: £120


   £50 per treatment

   If booking 3 sessions £135


Mask Peel – for oily skin, dilated pores, and excess sebum

   x1 treatment £60

   x4 treatments £216 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £288 (save 20%)

Milk Peel – for fine lines, dull complexion and loss of tone

   x1 treatment £80

   x4 treatments £288 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £384 (save 20)

Mela Peel – for pigment disorders

   x1 treatment £110

   x4 treatments £396 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £526 (save 20%)

Cosmo (TCA) Peel 12%, 15%, 18%, 20% – for wrinkles, texture & pigment disorders

   x1 treatment £130

   x4 treatments £468 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £624 (save 20%)​

Medical Microneedling

MTS roller treatment

Whole face

   x1 treatment £140

   x4 treatments £504 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £672 (save 20%)

Face, Neck, & Chest

   x1 treatment £220

   x4 treatments £792 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £1,056 (save 20%)


  Price dependent on size of area

Advanced micro-needling with Innopen

Small area (up to 1/4 surface area of face)

   x1 treatment £120

   x4 treatments £432 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £576 (save 20%)

Whole face

   x1 treatment £200

   x4 treatments £720 (save 10%)

   x6 treatments £960 (save 20%)

If also using MTS enhancing serum or Profound solution, add £25 per treatment

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