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Remember when jawline treatments were a “trend” and all we saw on the news was treatments that were taken too far?

What if I were to tell you it’s still one of my most popular treatments, but for most of my patients you wouldn’t know they’d had it done?

But day to day I still have to reassure patients that they won’t look like the pictures they have seen in the media.

There’s a few things I’d like you to remember:

1. If you’re noticing that someone has had filler treatment, then it’s either not been done well or this has been intentional. There is a high probability that you’re seeing people day to day who’ve had filler treatment but you DON’T know it’s been done. Understandably if the only filler treatment your brain registers is bad or extreme, then there can be a fear that all filler treatments will create results like this.

2. Trends are talked about and usually overly adopted, and so we become exposed to these more, which can lead to many people thinking that that is all we do as practitioners.

3. Trends come and go, they don’t always suit your face, and can be taken too far. Aesthetics should be a medical decision based on full facial and medical assessment and knowing what will suit the face long term - NOT on what’s trending.

4. If your practitioner, after full assessment suggests a treatment, such as jawline filler, that has previously been a trend that was taken to the extreme, don’t immediately assume the results will be what you’ve seen in the media.

If you want natural results, then go to a practitioner who is known for creating this and who can assess your whole face to ensure treatments will be balanced with the rest of your features.

Don’t let your previous experience of seeing aesthetic trends STOP you from getting a treatment if it’s been advised.

Share your concerns if you have them with your practitioner, and if it helps ask to see some before and after photos of the suggested treatment to see what your practitioner’s results are like.

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